About Us

Centro Acero S.A is the biggest service center in the country. We are fully prepared to face the demands of the local and international market. To accomplish our mission, investments have been made to increase our current capacity and improve our production processes through the incorporation of new technology.

Additionally, we count with the most prepared human resource of the market, for this reason we are trusted to deliver the best products and to offer an excellent service to the national and international market.


As well as other developed countries, the Ecuadorian constructor is more conscious of the advantages to use steel as a synonym of versatility, quickness, facility of execution and saving.

It has generated in our country a boom in the production of steel's profiles, and especially it has motivated the need of a major diversification of these productions, developing new technologies to improve quality.

For these reasons, in May 2001, Centro Acero S.A. started its activities in Guayaquil. It is an Ecuadorian Company with a high technical staff; remarkably qualified and with a service dedicated spirit. Centro Acero S.A. will not only produce and commercialize their products; they also want to offer its clients all the necessary machinery, provide all types of services and help find a real solution to its necessities.